(It wasn't yet the spring. Bon Iver.)
A further emblem of our time is mechanization, the inexorable process which now lays claim to every sphere of life and art. Everything which can be mechanized is mechanized. The result:

our recognition of that which can not be mechanized.

Oscar Schlemmer, Man and Art Figure (1961)

Egentligen är det oerhört
att gå in till någon. - Claque

Our world today is dominated by speed and technology; communication across the global has never been easier. But what does that means in terms of communication with the person right in front of us? Has instantaneous communication in the world complicated basic communication between individuals? Or maybe communication has always been this complicated. In any case, Fosse opens up questions about our time and the way we communicate at the turn of this century. The “specific ambiguity” of his voice allows us room to look at our own lives in order to find our own truths.

Sarah Cameron Sunde,  
Silence and Space: The New Drama of Jon Fosse

"Travelling light yields a far richer experience." Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

The fact that there are multiple “me”s in every person is not a sign of derangement but the way things are. The ways one performs one's selves are connected to the ways people perform others in dramas, dances, and rituals. In fact, if people did not ordinarily come into contact with their multiple selves, the art of acting and the experience of possession trance would not be possible. 

Richard Schechner, 'What is Performance?' in Performance studies: An Introduction

L'enfance, ce grand territoire d'ou chacun est sorti. D'où suis-je? Je suis de mon enfance. Je suis de mon enfance comme d'un pays.

Childhood, this great territory we all stem from. Where I am from? I am from my childhood. I come from my childhood like from a country.

                                                      Antoine de Saint-Exupéry