"I see a lot of people flailing for authentic connection and looking for an opportunity to revisit the uncensored, runaway creativity that we knew as children but are often taught to put away in order to chase successful adult lives." here again. worth reading in full! 

authentic connection. whatever that is. means. 

Jag älskar kanske mindre än vad jag gjorde förr
men mer än du nånsin får veta.

(I might love less than I did before
But still more than you'll ever know.)

from Tove Jansson Höstvisa (Autumn tune)

Hold onto nothing
As fast as you can
Well still pretty good year

from "pretty good year" by Tori Amos

I find
the idea

of a Japanese tea room very inspiring:
an empty space

focused intention
on one
or two
t h i n g s
stimulates your senses
and brings you into

the           present           moment.

I asked myself how we could aspire to that state of
e         m      p     t   i       n       e    s         s
                         , especially in a world where we’re

so distracted and                                                     overwhelmed.

Jesse Jacobs in an Freunde von freunden interview

"That's all I really ever want to do. Have coffee with friends and talk about nature. And as big and as crazy as Saipua gets, I have to remember that at its core is a very simple desire to connect and make something beautiful."

From this person