Training is an encounter with the reality which one has chosen: whatever you do, do it with your whole self. Eugenio Barba (1999) Training in Theatre : Solitude Craft Revolt, p. 73

I run because
gunna run for as long as I can

The experience of watching performance 
might therefore be one of "getting nowhere" at the same time as being somewhere 
- "in the moment".

Adrian Kear

I think in images, not words. It may be that I see interior sensations on the faces and in the movements of my characters within the visual context of their situations. A sudden jerk of the head, a change in a facial expression, a reflection of light on a wedding band.

Michele Zackheim

Pictures taken from: 
The hospital room of Harriet Löwenhjelm, Swedish poet
A Monday's washing in New York in the early days of photography, Marc Walter Collection
Still from Barbara, German film about a country hospital doctor in East Germany
Still from Manhattan by Woody Allen
Still from the dream scene in Wild Strawberries/Smultronstället by Ingmar Bergman
Still from Doctor Zhivago, from 1965