Love amongst the chickens, P.G. Wodehouse

From the catalogue for Oslo International Theatre Festival that started yesterday.

( I don't really agree but the man's got a point. )

( Also; what's ip with the "swedish" colours? Some people need to use their imagination more frequently. )

The performers balance, climb, spin and cling to this teetering, changing world, supporting each other as they wrestle and play with the moment when things begin to shift and tilt towards the tipping point.

Usually, at the end of a workshop, I wish everyone good work. I know that one cannot teach, but only learn. I know that the road is long and that everyone must translate and betray each piece of advice through personal practise. I will try to write remembering what I have often repeated during workshops. There will always be a residue, something unsaid. I accept this responsibility with the illusion that these pages can be useful to an actress in search of her voice. I begin driven by the need to dialogue with the past, to forge words that may orientate and also to see women's names in theatre history books: a history that dances with a vulnerable and subjective power.

Julia Varley
Notes from an Odin Actress ( p. 6 )