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The Soundtrack of my Childhood
Celebrating Easter According to Norwegian Custom

Edmund: Isn't that land ahead?
Caspian: I think that is not land but a mist.
Reepicheep: Not a mist sire, but a...
Eustace: ...a darkness. And we're being drawn into it.
Sailor: Go back captain! Take us back!
Sailor 2: Not enough sir!
Reepicheep: To the very end of the world we said. To adventure, to glory – we go on!
Lucy: It's going to swallow us up!

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Episode 3 

It is the student who is the teacher and the teacher encourages this teaching.

Eugenio Barba, London 23 / 04 / 14

Out of all the different types of work you do – design, photography and film – which one do enjoy most?

I’m still trying to learn what the difference is between them. 

Hassan Hajjaj, Freunde von Freunden interview

Det finns olika sorters människor. De som tar fram ljus ur mörker och de som beskuggar ljuset, använder skugga och mörker på ljus grund.

Maria Gripe

The Everyday and Everydayness
Henri Lefebvre and Christine Levich (1987)
The Everyday and Everydayness, pp. 9-10

Food is no joking matter. 

Dyskolos by Menandros, ca. 316 B.C.

The architectural theorist Dr. Hélène Frichot believes in the idea of a living building with fluid boundaries: walls that change with the life inside them. Weather and people and time should affect buildings for the better. Space stretches to accommodate life.

Nikaela Marie Peters