Have you ever seen those stratus clouds that go in parallel stripes across the sky? Did you know that's just a continuous sheet of cloud that's dipping in and out of the condensation layer? What if every seemingly isolated object was actually just where the continuous wave of that object poked through into our world? The earth is neither flat nor round - it's wavy. It sounds good, but I bet you know in your gut that's not the whole story, and I'll tell you why: I have a two-year old daughter who's the best thing ever, and (I'm just gonna come out and say it) - my daughter is not a wave. And you might say; surely Reuben, if you take even just the slightest step back, the cycles of hunger and eating, waking and sleeping, laughing and crying would emerge as pattern. But I would say; if I did that, too much would be lost. This tension between the need to look deeper, and the beauty and immediacy of the world where, if you've even tried to look deeper, you've already missed what you're looking for.

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  1. Loved this guys art, some people are just too genius!