Here's my own recipe for the Complete Breakfast. Get up with the light. Don't dawdle. Washing and dressing should not take more than ten minutes. Straight downstairs and put the kettle on to make tea. Always tea with breakfast, lots of it, and always at least one cup before anything gets eaten. If it is a lovely day I might wander outside for a bit, mug in hand. I can easily end up on my hands and knees deep in a border, the tea growing cloudy and cold, but the early sun warm on my back and appetite whetted. I might go to my desk for an hour or so, my mind at its clearest and relishing the absolute peace and silence of dawn.

Monty Don


  1. 1 yes 2 yes 3 yes 4 yes (as long as i can exchange 'tea' for 'coffee,' ofc.)

  2. yes, yes, yes. And I am now in huge favor of "morning tea", and a mid-morning or mid-afternoon coffee break. oh, the good life!