Ur Trötthetssamhället, Byung-Chul Han

(We have deep, contemplative attention to thank for mankind's cultural achievements, to which philosophy also belongs. Art prerequisites surroundings in which a deep consideration is possible. This deep consideration is now more and more being replaced by another form of attention, hyper- attention. A quick change of focus between different tasks, sources of information and processes characterizes this distracted attention. As it also has a very low tolerance of boredom it consequently has as low an allowance for the deep boredom which is not insignificant for a creative process. Walter Benjamin calls this deep boredom "a dream bird resting on the eggs of experience". If sleep is the pinnacle of bodily relaxation, then the deep boredom is the pinnacle of the relaxation of the soul. Pure stress is unable to produce something new. It reproduces and accelerates what already exists.) 

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